The Party of Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan


for November 6th

General Election


We invite you to join us. We welcome new ideas and value enthusiasm from members and volunteers, new and and old.

The Orange County Republican Party Executive Board meets 7PM the 2nd Thursday of each month .

AT:  Orange County Republican Party Headquarters

347  Ja- Max Drive
(Daniel Boone Village)
        Hillsborough, NC 27278

(919) 245-1777

All Orange County registered Republicans are invited to attend.

Congratulations to the Winners of Our Fall   Fund Raiser Raffle

!st Place $500 Gift Card

Danny Tackett  Timberlake NC

2nd Place $75  Gas Card 

Dawn McCartney Rougemont NC

3rd Place  $50 Gas Card

Evelyn Taylor  Rougemont NC

Thanks to All that participated this year.

Republican Party Platform

Orange County, North Carolina

March 15.2014

1.      We believe in a system of free markets as it is the greatest promoter of prosperity for a free people.  Evidence of irresponsible and ill-advised government interference in the free market abounds, and generally leads to more interference to address the inefficiencies inevitably created by the preceding intrusive and poor policy decisions of government.

2.      We believe that our county government overtaxes our citizens and spends our dollars excessively and unwisely.   County government should cut from its budget those spending items that are not essential to the well-being of our citizens, including dues and grants to those organizations that are essentially of a political nature.

3.      We believe that tax referendums should be voted on only by permanent residents of our county. We support tax reform that would eliminate the income tax in N.C.

4.      We support growth policies that encourage and promote commercial development as a means of creating jobs and making available a wider array of goods and services to the people of Orange County.  In addition, commercial development is necessary to alleviate the excessive property tax burden on the residential property owners of Orange County.  Our residents pay a much higher and disproportionate share of the County’s property taxes than other counties that have embraced reasonable economic growth policies.

5.      We believe that the education of our children is essential to our ability to preserve our freedoms and optimize the quality of life of our citizens. We support the inclusion of a rigorous study of the founding principles of our country and the documents which came to embody them, namely the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  We also support a curriculum with proper devotion to the development of math, science, history, language arts and creative endeavors.  We believe in school choice for parents as a means of introducing and creating competition for quality education, more money for our more capable teachers and administrators, and fewer wasted dollars on the educational bureaucracy that tends to be prevalent in our current system of government run schools. We oppose Common Core curriculum.

6.      We believe in private property rights as a fundamental tenant of our rights as citizens, and oppose irresponsible and arbitrary regulations, many under the guise of environmentalism, which would limit a property owner’s use of his or her land.

7.      We support the Second Amendment of the Constitution, that is, the right of the law-abiding citizens of Orange County to own legal firearms for recreational shooting, hunting and the personal defense of their lives and lives of others, as well as the defense of their personal property.  In addition, we support measures which will enable and equip schools and other institutions generally designated as “gun free zones” to defend themselves from attack by those who wish to do them, and our children and neighbors, harm.

8.      We support Voter Identification legislation which has as its core a photo id requirement, as well as reasonable parameters for when and where an individual can register and vote, the reform of college student registration and voting procedures, the implementation of safeguards on “mentally incompetent” and dependent care voters, and increased penalties for voter fraud. We oppose straight party ticket voting.


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