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“With all of the news of falling taxes and budget surpluses under Republican leadership, Democrats must have hit their heads and come down with a bad case of Democrat amnesia,” said Ricky Diaz, spokesperson for the North Carolina Republican Party. “The reality is that North Carolina paid far more in taxes under the past policies and rates enacted by Roy Cooper, Dan Blue and the rest of the big government Democrats when they were in control. But now that Republicans are delivering tax cuts and budget surpluses, it seems Democrats have conveniently forgotten all of the times they’ve raised taxes on hard-working middle class North Carolinians in the past.”

Democrats falsely try to spin GOP-led tax cuts as tax increases on the middle class:

  • N.C. State Senator Dan Blue (D): “‘Small businesses and middle class families across North Carolina got absolutely slammed, absolutely slammed on Tax Day paying more than they have paid ever before.’” (Colin Campbell, “Projections show $400 million NC surplus,” Raleigh News & Observer, 5/6/2015)

But that assertion was independently fact checked by WRAL and disproven:

  • “That's not entirely true. When the tax changes were put into effect, new withholding guidelines meant that people would pay less [to the government] with each paycheck. However, that meant smaller refunds or for those who did not adjust how much was withheld from their paycheck, a tax owed to the state.” (Mark Binker, "North Carolina to end year with surplus," WRAL, 5/6/2014)

GOP-led tax reform included across-the-board income tax cuts for all income tax brackets:

  • Personal income rates were lowered from a tiered system with a top rate of 7.75% to a flat rate of 5.75% in 2015 – the largest income tax-cut in state history.
  • A nonpartisan analysis by the legislature's Fiscal Research Division showed these tax reforms will cut taxes by close to $2.4 billion in Fiscal Year 2015-16 compared to when Democrats last controlled state government in 2010, including when you account for the elimination of special tax loopholes.

Democrats conveniently forget about the billions in tax increases they enacted when in total control of the General Assembly:

The following is only a partial list of significant tax increases enacted from 1985 to 2010 (Source)

  • Authorize local governments to add another 0.5% to sales tax – 1986
  • Increase state gas tax by 2 cents per gallon plus a new 3% sales tax on wholesale price of gas – 1986
  • Increase corporate tax rate from 6% to 7% – 1987
  • Raise excise tax on liquor from 22.5% to 28% – 1987
  • Increase state sales tax rate from 3% to 4% – 1991
  • Raise tax on insurance premiums from 1.75% to 1.9% – 1991
  • Increase corporate tax rate from 7% to 7.75% and levy an additional surtax from ’91 to ’94 – 1991
  • Add a 7.75% personal income tax rate for income above $100,000 – 1991
  • Motor fuels tax increased by ½ cent – 1991
  • Increase cigarette tax from 2 cents per pack to 5 cents, levies a 2% tax on wholesale price of other tobacco products – 1991
  • Increase state sales tax rate from 4% to 4.5% (supposed to expire in 2003) – 2001
  • Create a 8.25% personal income tax bracket for highest income households (supposed to expire in 2003) – 2001
  • Impose 5% sales tax on satellite television service – 2001
  • Renew the “temporary” 4.5% state sales tax rate – 2003
  • Renew the “temporary” 8.25% income tax rate – 2003
  • Increase tax on telecommunications from 6% to 7% – 2005
  • Increase sales tax on liquor from 6% to 7% – 2005
  • Increase cigarette tax from 5 cents per pack to 35 cents – 2005
  • Extend the 8.25% income tax rate for another 2 years – 2005
  • Increase tax on home satellite services from 5% to 7% – 2005
  • Renew (again) the “temporary” 4.5% state sales tax rate – 2005
  • Make permanent ¼ penny of the 2001 “temporary” state sales tax increase – 2007
  • Increase state sales tax rate from 4.75% to 5.75% – 2009
  • Changes the state gas tax cap to a floor, ensuring higher gas tax – 2009
  • New sales tax on online click-though sales and digital products – 2009
  • Increased taxes on beer, wine and liquor – 2009
  • Increased tax on cigarettes and tobacco products – 2009
  • Create a “temporary” 3% surcharge on tax bill for corporate income taxes – 2009
  • Creates a “temporary” surcharge beginning at 2% for personal incomes over $60K – 2009

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